Sunday, March 22, 2009

Pensacola Trip

We'll I'm finally blogging about our trip to Pensacola. We left Feb. 14th and came back home March 1st. We had such a great time. Eli finally got to meet everyone in my family. He loved all the attention. He got so spoiled while we were there but I didn't care. Kevin had to work in Atlanta for two weeks so Eli and I meet up with my dad in Birmingham, AL at my sister and brother-in-laws house and we rode back to P-cola with him. We spent most of our time at grandma and grandpa Hinotes just hanging out with everyone. Kevin drove down to Pensacola the first weekend and hung out with us. We had birthday parties Saturday night at g-ma and g-pa Hinotes house so dad cooked out hamburgers and hot dogs and all the girls brought some side dishes. It was soooo goood! I miss southern food. The closest I get to southern food in Utah is at Cracker Barrel. My brother Jeremy and his wife Lauren and my cute nephew Mason came in from Augusta, GA. So Eli finally got to meet his cousin Mason for the first time and his uncle Jeremy and aunt Lauren. We got some cute video and pics of them together. I meet up with some friends while I was there. I hung out with my friend Dawn and cuz Terri one day, I took Savannah to Norma's to eat, and I got to hang out with my best friend Angie. Angie, Dawn and I meet up at Los Rancheros(great Mexican) and just talked and had a great time. Then Angie took me to her favorite coffee house the Drowsy Poet. It was sooo good and it had a great atmosphere. We finally had to leave though and I was so sad, but all good things have to come to an end I guess. Kevin and I hung out in Atlanta the last weekend we were in town and went to some of our old stomping grounds. Then the day were suppose to fly out it snows of course in ATLANTA! That is so our luck. The time our plane was suppose to leave was pushed up from 4:25 pm to 7:15 pm. We finally g0t on the plane and we sat there for almost 5 hours. Atlanta airport only has two deicing trucks so we had to wait in line to get the plane deiced. The stewardess's finally offered everyone water after sitting on the plane for 3 hours. Wasn't that sweet! I will never fly Delta again. Luckily Eli is a great baby. He drank his bottle and slept the whole time. He didn't wake up until we got into Salt Lake City airport. Here are some pics of our time in P-cola. Hope everyone enjoys.

Football Dinner at Steakhouse

Cousin Mason and Eli

Aunt Lauren with Mason and Eli

Great Grandpa Hinote and Eli

Uncle Jeremy and Eli and my cute nephew Mason

Jeremy and Mason playing cards

Cousin Mason giving Eli kisses

Big sis Savannah feeding Eli

Aunt Dawn and Cousin Terri holding Eli