Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Fathers Day/Car show/ Air show/ P-cola trip

Fathers Day Weekend!!

Air show!!!!

I got my earplugs!

Eli's first taste of cereal and fruit!

Pensacola Trip

The gang playing cards.

Great grandma Hinote and Eli

Aunt Angie and Eli

Cuz Tyler,his girlfriend Chandler, Savannah, and
her man Nathan hanging at G-mas.

Eli hanging with the family.

Eli hanging with cousin Tracie and Aunt Becky.

Eli and Grandpa hanging on the hammock.

Aunt Becky and Eli by the pool.

Aunt KeKe chillin at the beach.

We'll I haven't blog in awhile and now I'm behind. So everything is going into this one post. There is mine and Eli's trip to P-cola to Savannah graduate from high school. I surprised her at her pre-graduation dinner at Vallartas. She had know idea I was coming. She cried and I cried. I'm so glad I was able to go. She has grown up to be such a great beautiful Christian woman and a smart one at that; she graduated Valedictorian. Her speech was awesome!!! She got a standing ovation probably about 3 times. Go Savannah!!! I'm so proud of you. The trip was about spending time with family and friends. We went to the beach, hung out at my cousin Terri's pool, and played cards till 1200 to 100 in the morning. It was great!!! I wish I still lived in P-cola. We'll then we got back to Utah and the next weekend took Kevin to a car show to start his Father's day weekends. We also went to an air show they had on base. Eli wore his little orange ear plugs and feel asleep during the air show. Father's Day Weekend was not so great. We booked a hotel room in boonieville country bumpkin Utah and was going to go to a great carshow but it rained the whole time. So we swam in the pool, went to Wal-mart, and watched movies in our hotel room. The next day Kevin opened his Father's Day gifts and Eli helped. Kevin got lots of dress clothes for work, subscription to Motor Trend magazine, and tickets to the Monster Truck show. Hope you had a great Father's Day Kevin. Your a great Dad and husband and we love you lots!!!

Daddy and Eli at the park.

Grandpa Hinote and Eli at Cracker Barrell.

Savannah Graduating!

You go miss Valedictorian!!

Isn't she beautiful!!

Cousin Terri and Cousin Austin

eatin some Mexican(yum,yum).

Aunt KeKe and Eli