Thursday, May 14, 2009

Eli on Mothers day in his I love mom shirt.

Kevin and Eli and Me and Eli at Cheesecake Factory.

Eli chilling in his baby float.

Eli in his first pair of swim trunks.

Me eating Sushi. I'm pretending I know how to use chopsticks.

Taking a break at Barnes and Noble.

Kevin chillin at Barnes and Noble with his frappe.

Eli chillin at Barnes and Noble. (no latte for him).

Eli trying to sit up. He does pretty good.

Dad and Eli playing on the couch.

We'll I had my first Mother's Day and boy was it great!!! I love being a mom and I cannot believe how much love I have for Eli. Everyone tells you that there is nothing better than having a baby and feeling that love you have for them and everyone is right. Well my great hubby Kevin planned a whole mother's day weekend and he did such a great job. I'm so lucky to have found such a great man! Thanks mom Yetman for raising such a great boy. He took us to the Hilton in downtown Salt Lake City and we stayed there two nights. We got there Friday and checked in and walked down to a great outdoor mall in Salt Lake. When we got back to our room that night there was a crackers and cheese tray and chocolate covered Strawberries waiting. We went swimming that night and Eli loved it. He sat in his baby float and just chilled out. We just shopped around Saturday and I got a pedicure and manicure while Kevin and Eli walked around the mall. We ate at the Cheescake Factory and then went back to the hotel and ate snacks and watched movies. We got up Sunday and had breakfast at the hotel restaurant and then we were on our way home. Thanks again Kevin for such a great and memorable Mother's Day and thanks Eli for being such a great and beautiful little boy! I love you both!!!!!

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  1. Holly, love the pictures of little Eli. He's a doll! Gosh, it sounds like you guys had such a wonderful Mother's day and Kevin did a fantastic job in planning all of thoughtful! I am so happy for you guys!